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How to choose your target colleges?
Choosing colleges is really a two-way process.

Applying to your target colleges
Once you narrow the colleges, it's time for application.

Financial aid resources
Internet contains many financial aid resources!

Introduction of the SAT II
The SAT II differs from the SAT I in that it purports to test a student's knowledge in a particular subject.

Admissions & Financial Aid Timelilne
Information of admission and financial aid timeline.

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  About The SAT I
  Getting Started Now
  The Test Structure
  The SAT Answer Sheet
  How The SAT Is Scored
  General Tips for You

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  The SAT and ACT are very different tests. SAT or ACT? Make a wise choice!
The SAT and ACT are designed to provide college admissions officers with two things: a predictor of first-year academic achievement in college, and a common yardstick to use in comparing students from a wide range of educational backgrounds. Read the full article ...

The Web site contains a great number of in-depth questions and their answers for your practice, and progress report customized to help you with your test preparation.
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  The SAT Test Strategies
  Sentence Completions
  Critical Reading
  Multiple-choice Math
  Quantitative Comparisons
  Grid-in Questions
  Learning The SAT Words

  About The PSAT
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